Cantab Recap For Wednesday, May 15th, 2024

Hey Cantab! Last Wednesday was filled with excitement, a crazy-packed waitlist, and as always, a ton of talent. We had regulars on the mic consistently bringing the house down, including Jarvis, Jack the Star, Edie, and Eli. Sam Bucci did an incredible, impassioned poem about working in the fast-food industry, and Kai debuted another horny-medical-professional poem that left us wondering which profession will be next.

The ✏️ Line of the Wednesday ✏️ is “You are written inside of me, as long as I keep moving” by Jess Riz. The OTHER ✏️ Line of the Wednesday ✏️ was “I LOVE YOU,” which appeared multiple times in multiple ways during multiple poems on the open mic! What can we say, something was in the air.  

The feature was Summer Farah, and the room was hot, not just because the AC hadn’t kicked in yet, but because her poems were FIRE. Her distinct tone, striking yet simple imagery, and lines that felt carefully chosen and formed brought a warmth to the room that made for a beautiful feature. She read on both Palestine and Zelda, and both topics had people lining up to buy her book, I could die today and live again, after the feature.

This week, we have Legacy Thornton! Legacy Thornton is a 20 something non-binary Black Womxn (woman-x). Slam poet turned poetry coach turned freelancer, Legacy’s latest accomplishments are that they have a poem featured on Button Poetry, they won second place at the 2023 Roxbury Poetry Festival, and they have performed at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, the ICA, and at other locally led initiatives. When they aren’t performing, they work at the US postal service, and nurture the bond they have with themselves and their small communal circles. As a multi hyphenate creative, they seek to understand more about themselves and the communities they inhabit through poetry, singing, and other mediums. They strive to shed more light and affirming representation on gender, sexuality, and the Black experience.

See you then!

– Amy ✈️

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