Cantab Recap For Wednesday, December 20th, 2023

What a Wednesday! Cantabbers were feeling the holiday spirit at the open mic, sharing amazing work before several of us took some time to visit family. We had regulars like Jack Chassé donning his signature black gloves and giving us an explosive performance, there was a great poem about “dunking on the moon” by Shawn, and raw work from first-timer Tally, who signed up on our waitlist after being inspired by hearing the poets on the mic! 

The ✏️ Line of the Wednesday ✏️ is from our very own social media staff member and amazing poet, Kat Anderson: “A high school budget for us was a dollar for a slice and a dollar for a bogue and you / Took our tithings with love / And without question”

Psst: Kat’s birthday is this weekend, so I wanted to highlight all the amazing work she does for us as social media connoisseur, occasional host, hype woman, etc. Happy Birthday Kat!!!

A little “Cantab Culture” of the week was the light theme of quitting jobs, including Logan’s found poem that was a straight reading of their grandpa’s resignation email from his job. Alexa play “Break My Soul” by Beyoncé.

This coming Wednesday, it’s time to get wild and weird with the second annual poetry theater night! Come see a series of short (1-3 minute) poem plays, group pieces, and conceptual shenanigans all performed back-to-back! Featuring work by March Penn, Michael F. Gill, Eddy Martinez, T.J. Jones, [s.m.]DECKER, and others! It’s sure to be a great way to close out 2023.

See you then!

-Amy ✈️

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