Cantab Recap For Wednesday, September 20th, 2023

We definitely had a starlight-studded Wednesday last week! Not only because of the superstar poets we had at the mic, but because the wonderful and gracious Starlight Square hosted us. The space was BEAUTIFUL, the staff were so kind, and it was perfect for a night of poetry. On the open mic, Cameron performed an absolute journey of a piece that combined the concept of Love with several military and weaponry motifs. We also had some incredibly moving poems, with Jennifer Martinez performing passionately about police brutality, and Keaton with a unique and powerful poem on gender.

This week’s ✏️Line of the Wednesday✏️ goes to regular Shawn Dermer, with  “We exist with the odds stacked against us / Different, but not really considered better.

Matthew E. Henry was our feature, and he blew the non-existent roof off the place (it was an outdoor show). His background as an educator, as well as growing up black in primarily white school districts, was emphasized in his poems. He spoke on the ironies that took place all around him, stories about his students (his “babies”), and what it means to be an educator. He also had a contagious, invigorating energy (even as a car alarm from across the street would occasionally attempt to interrupt him). Thank you Matthew!

The 👩‍👦shenanigans💕 this week was 1) that it was an all-ages show and 2) that meant that Sam Bucci not only brought her wonderful son Nik to the show, but she brought him on STAGE! The two of them performed a touching poem together about growing up, motherhood, and about how Nik is “the best thing [Sam] ever did” and Nik proved it, reading with confidence that I still don’t have. 

Coming up, I am happy to say we are back in the basement! Business as usual this Wednesday, thanks to the hard work of all those who helped repair the basement after the flood.

We also have an incredible feature, someone near and dear to the community – Anthony Febo! Anthony Febo is a Puerto Rican poet, teaching artist, and new dad living in Arlington, MA. Febo has been performing and teaching poetry and theatre for 15 years in the greater Boston area. In the classroom, Febo treats each workshop as its own celebration. He draws on his experiences in theatre spaces, museums, non-profits, and art centers to provide the participants with the tools they need for their success. On the stage, he’s toured the country individually and as half of Adobo-Fish-Sauce: a cooking and poetry collaboration. His work examines what it means to actively choose joy in the face of what is trying to break you. Weaving performance into his writing, he examines issues such as toxic masculinity, family, culture, identity, and the role representation plays into a person’s development. His first full length book of poetry, Becoming an Island, can be purchased at Game Over Books.

See you then!

– Amy ✈️

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