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Cantab Recap for Wednesday, June 21, 2017

What a night! This week, we celebrated the finest solstice of the whole dang year with some of our best pals; Nationals-bound NorthBEAST slam teams from around the region took the stage for a high-quality, high-energy team slam. Four teams entered, but only one left with the highly covetable second-slam bragging rights, good until our …

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Cantab Feature for Wednesday, June 21, 2017: NorthBEAST Regional 4×4 Team Slam II

NorthBEAST logo by Artie Moffa.

The second of three 4×4 team slams to prepare the home team for the National Poetry Slam. Opponents include Slam Free or Die, Verbal Slap, and House. Cover charge $5 to raise money to send our team to NPS.