Cantab Recap for Wednesday, June 21, 2017

What a night! This week, we celebrated the finest solstice of the whole dang year with some of our best pals; Nationals-bound NorthBEAST slam teams from around the region took the stage for a high-quality, high-energy team slam. Four teams entered, but only one left with the highly covetable second-slam bragging rights, good until our third and final team slam on July 12. Congrats to our big winner, and huge thank-yous to all the teams for traveling so far to slam with us:

1. House Slam 100.8
2. Boston Poetry Slam 95.5
3. Verbal Slap CT 86.0
4. Slam Free or Die NH 82.2

Absentees, will it surprise you to hear that the judges were both wildly consistent (they were) and shockingly harsh (you bet that happened)? Nah, you’ve been to a slam at the Cantab before. Big thanks to Adam Stone for withstanding the first (and far from last) 5’s of the night, James Merenda for his appreciable bout management skills, and host Kieran Collier for putting as much energy into the slam as all four teams combined. And, yes, we’ll be back with our last 4×4 of 2017 on July 12, so mark your calendars, and pack a friend to wave a whiteboard for us.

Next week: we’re taking just a tiny breather from our 2017 Nationals dreams to flash back to NPS 2016. That August, the Cantab took on not one, but two Chicago teams in our first bout at the tournament, and Raych Jackson laid down some unforgettable work against us that night. This coming Wednesday, she’ll be in town for a full feature set as we welcome one-time opponent and all-time community member and writer. See you there!