Cantab Recap for Wednesday, July 18

We at the Boston Poetry Slam fervently hope you did not spend this past Wednesday night bailing your basement out after the rainstorm. Surprisingly, the Cantab was totally, dry… And we only wish we could take credit for having planned the tornado shelter of Laura Lamb Brown-Lavoie‘s voice on hand to feature. In the tradition of our favorite Cantab features, Laura packed her set with poetry, even kicking it off with two long poems and cheerfully defying slam time constraints and subject conventions. The slam was a wild one, featuring a few first-timers and some daringly untranslated work; the finals came down to Meaghan Ford and Zanne, with Zanne taking the top spot by a few tenths. Yowza!

We’re back next week with Emerson poetry feature Tyler Smith. Our slam should be a doozy: it’s the 8×8 Champion of Champions slam, where you can see the last eight slam winners return to fight for a chance to challenge the current champ, Simone Beaubien, in a new-poems-only round. See you there!

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