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Tips from the Bar: Who Is That Even

Write about an important haircut you have had: perhaps it was perfect, or traumatic. Think about the two different people you may have been before and after.

Tip from the Bar: The Gabrielle Bouliane Prompt

Assume some form of reincarnation is real. What would like you like to come back as? What do you think other people believe you will come back as? What will the person you most love return as? Do you feel someone you love has already returned in another form?

Tips from the Bar: And That’s Why They Call It Greenland

Write about a place you’ve always wanted to go, but write as if you’ve already been there. Act as if you are an expert on this place you’ve never been.

Tips from the Bar: Solstice Battle Prompt

What would you most like to do with the day of the year with the most daylight What did you actually do?

If ideal-day you met actual-day you at a bar or a bookstore, what would transpire between you? Could you be friends with the version of you living your ideal day?

Tip from the Bar: What’s My Name Again?

You show up at the wrong place: maybe you meant to meet your family for coffee but walked into an AA meeting, or maybe you meant to have kids but turned out to be bad at it. Okay, roll with it; what happens now?

Tip from the Bar: Six Degrees of Wikipedia

After nearly a month of absence, we welcome bartender and tipmeister Adam Stone back from his vacation! To celebrate, he offers a prompt to generate up to two poems for you.

1. Go to the Wikipedia page (or, sure, crack open an encyclopedia) about a concept you already know a lot about.
2. …

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Tip from the Bar: If You Were King of the Forest

For his birthday, a lion at a British zoo was presented with soap bubbles. He found them terrifying.

What totally harmless, mundane thing petrifies you? Why? Will you ever get over it?

Tips from the Bar: Who Moved My Cheese?

Write a poem to deal with an unexpected, gently unwanted change in your life.

Tips from the Bar: Polar Bear vs. Prop Penguin

On Tuesday, a polar bear at the Pittsburgh zoo lunged at a penguin backpack visible on the other side of the aquarium glass.

Consider a time you attacked a person or an idea, only to realize it wasn’t what you thought it was.

Tips from the Bar: The Oompa Prompt

Write about two parts of yourself that are at war.

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