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Tip from the Bar: If You Were King of the Forest

For his birthday, a lion at a British zoo was presented with soap bubbles. He found them terrifying.

What totally harmless, mundane thing petrifies you? Why? Will you ever get over it?

Tips from the Bar: Who Moved My Cheese?

Write a poem to deal with an unexpected, gently unwanted change in your life.

Tips from the Bar: Polar Bear vs. Prop Penguin

On Tuesday, a polar bear at the Pittsburgh zoo lunged at a penguin backpack visible on the other side of the aquarium glass.

Consider a time you attacked a person or an idea, only to realize it wasn’t what you thought it was.

Tips from the Bar: The Oompa Prompt

Write about two parts of yourself that are at war.

Tips from the Bar: The Backstory Backstory

“Full Armed Man Rescues Puppy from House Fire.”

What’s the backstory?

Tips from the Bar: Group Piece!

Write a collaborative piece with someone where each of you learns something about the other.

Tips from the Bar: No, It’s Not

Write a eulogy for an art form that is very much alive.

Tips from the Bar: A Two-Part Prompt, Depending on Your Life Experience

Write about an awkward time when you ran into a celebrity.


Write about an awkward time when you thought you ran into somebody you thought was a celebrity.

Tips from the Bar: No, It’s Not Supposed to Be an Erotic Poetry Night Prompt

Think of an activity you enjoy.

Write about the first, most recent, and (imagined) last time you experience this activity.

Tips from the Bar: The Cassandra de Alba Prompt

You discover the Cantab stairs are cursed, hexed, and/or haunted. Tell the story of why.

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