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Tips from the Bar: Rejected!

Tips from the Bar

Write a rejection letter for a condition or event that you politely decline to acknowledge as acceptable in your life.

Tips from the Bar: Absent Adam Part One

Tips from the Bar

Bartender Adam Stone may be on vacation, but he’s still working on prompts so you can work on poems: Use a scientific fact that can be broadly explained in one sentences as the basis for a three minute folktale.

Tips from the Bar: Best Served Cold in a Tiny Dish

Writing prompt from Adam Stone for December 20, 2017.

The petty revenge prompt: write a very specific non-violent revenge fantasy that you are unlikely to actually follow through on.

Tips from the Bar: the RebeccaLynn Prompt

Tips from the Bar

Write a poem about an intense emotion that you have felt/are feeling. Craft it carefully. Begin the poem knowing that you will stop writing when you are only 2/3 of the way down the page, or a minute or less in.

Tips from the Bar:

Tips from the Bar

Imagine you are gloriously happy in the future. Write a poem to invent a way to time travel to your expected existence.

Tips from the Bar: Secret Squirrel

Tips from the Bar

Did you ever dream of having a pet your parents wouldn’t allow? Did you actually try it (or know someone who did)? Start your poem with the story of your secret animal friend.

Tips from the Bar: That’s Not My Department Prompt

Tips from the Bar

Consider a part of your job you dislike, or like the least. Transform it in a poem to reclaim it as a part of your job you love.

Tips from the Bar: The Russell de Alba Prompt

Tips from the Bar

Write a poem in which a ghost appears and does not hurt you in any way.

Tip from the Bar: The Not Your Average Herbie Prompt

Tips from the Bar

Write a poem about the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you involving a car.

Tips from the Bar: Don’t Go In the Basement, It’s Kind of Dusty

Tips from the Bar

Write a horror narrative about something that isn’t really horrific, just bothersome or annoying.