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Tips from the Bar: While You’re Working on the Real Revolution

Tips from the Bar

Consider a terrible or unnecessary revolution: the Arts & Crafts Revolution, the Counterclockwise Lawn-Mowing Movement, etc. Write it out and see what changes.

Tips from the Bar: Ghost Line, But Not Like You’re Thinking

Tips from the Bar

From a conversation overhead, without context, at the Cantab bar. Start your poem with the following line:

“I’m no Mary Oliver, but–”

Erase this line when you are finished.

Tips from the Bar: Good But Weird But Good

Tips from the Bar

Try to convince someone that something you enjoy is worth trying.

Tips from the Bar: Every Day Is Allston Christmas

Tips from the Bar

What’s the first thing you do when you move into a space you expect to become yours?

What’s the last thing you do when you leave?

Tips from the Bar: I’ll Have What I’m Having

Tips from the Bar

What’s your favorite drink? (No, it doesn’t require alcohol.) What does it say about you?

Tips from the Bar: In the Pines, In the Pines

Tips from the Bar

Write about your best night of sleep. Write about your worst night of sleep.

Tips from the Bar: Gentrificapitalism

Tips from the Bar

A title to prompt your poem:

I Live in the Capital of Everything You Love Is Gone

Tips from the Bar: Of Course It’s About You

Tips from the Bar

Found poem prompt: pick two songs from any artist (or two different artists). Remix the lyrics into a poem about something entirely different.

Tips from the Bar: Tech, No

Tips from the Bar

Your phone tells you something you don’t care about and you respond.

Tips from the Bar: The Michael F. Gill Prompt

Tips from the Bar

Write a ten-line poem wherein each line is a single word containing three letters, making it appropriate to enter as the top 10 high scores on, for instance, a Pac-Man machine.