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Tips from the Bar: Down to the Crossroads

Go down to the crossroads, and meet your Devil there. What do you talk about? Is there a soul sold, and in exchange for what?

SPECIAL BONUS PROMPT: write about the poet laureate of a place you don’t like.

Tips from the Bar: It’s All True

Find a setlist for a band you don’t usually listen to (examples here). Let it inform the arc of your poem.

Tips from the Bar: That Guy Works for a Living

Write about the job you held for the shortest amount of time. Include why you quit/left/were fired.

Tips from the Bar: Adulting Choices

Use this concept from John Pinkham as a ghost line, theme, or literalism:

The floor is lava! Everything in the adult world is lava!

Tips from the Bar: We Can Do It

Write a poem about how your parent’s (or parents’) occupation defined them.

Tips from the Bar: The Happy Parakeet

Find something in the real world that seems especially unusual or out of context.

Don’t ask anyone involved to explain it. Write your own explanation.

Tips from the Bar: The Museum of Broken Relationships Is a Real Place

…Or at least as real as a place in L.A. can be.

Write about an exhibit in an unlikely museum, i.e., The Museum of Stolen Office Equipment or The Museum of Lost Teddy Bears. (Or: just write about your wing in the Museum of Broken Relationships.)

Tips from the Bar: Did Someone Say Rhetorical?

Find a piece of media (song or poem, say) that asks a question. Answer it.

Tips from the Bar: While You Were Out

While you are away, your pet (real or imagined) has an unlikely job. Describe it and whether your pet is good at it.

Tips from the Bar: No, You Can’t Be Creepy

What would you do if you had a body double?

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