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Tips from the Bar: No, It’s Not Supposed to Be an Erotic Poetry Night Prompt

Think of an activity you enjoy.

Write about the first, most recent, and (imagined) last time you experience this activity.

Tips from the Bar: The Cassandra de Alba Prompt

You discover the Cantab stairs are cursed, hexed, and/or haunted. Tell the story of why.

Tips from the Bar: One of These Things is Much Like the Other

Select two videos by an artist you enjoy, but from radically different time periods. Compare and contrast. Which one is your favorite?

Tips from the Bar: You Didn’t Ask to Be Born

Unfairly blame a person or inanimate object for something that’s gone wrong in your life that it/they cannot possibly be responsible for.

Tips from the Bar: Vagoo Zeebrah

Write a poem based on a word you mispronounced (“vague,” “zebra”) for an inexcusable amount of time.

Explain the following sign: “Due to last week’s incident, there are no more Oreos allowed in the library.”

Tips from the Bar: White Elephant

Write a polite thank-you note for a gift you definitely did not want.

Tips from the Bar: Hello, 2017

Use the following John Murillo idea from his book, Up Jump the Boogie, as a ghost line:

“Shame is a luxury lost on the wretched.”

Tips from the Bar: Down to the Crossroads

Go down to the crossroads, and meet your Devil there. What do you talk about? Is there a soul sold, and in exchange for what?

SPECIAL BONUS PROMPT: write about the poet laureate of a place you don’t like.

Tips from the Bar: It’s All True

Find a setlist for a band you don’t usually listen to (examples here). Let it inform the arc of your poem.

Tips from the Bar: That Guy Works for a Living

Write about the job you held for the shortest amount of time. Include why you quit/left/were fired.

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