Cantab Recap for Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kevin Spak at his July 24, 2014 feature. Photo by Marshall Goff.

A bittersweet night at the Cantab last night, folks: the much-beloved host and producer Kevin Spak presented a farewell feature for his birthday eve, one of the two remaining nights he’ll be a local regular at the Boston Poetry Slam. It wasn’t all tears and sadness, mind you: in honor of the night and his home venue, Spak presented a unique, carefully crafted, utterly new and incredibly fun murder mystery feature! Something like a cross between Cluedo, a Host Your Own Murder Mystery Party, and a superstar poetry headliner, the wild arc of Spak’s show had the audience hanging on every word. Here are some great shots of the show from Marshall Goff, one of our official BPS photographers:

Still wondering whodunnit? You’ll have just one more chance to buy Spak’s chapbook: next week at the 2014 Boston Poetry Slam Team send-off feature, wherein his partner, 2014 team member Melissa Newman-Evans, also bids us farewell for the airy confines of Denver, Colorado.

Mind you, some folks were able to make a perfectly good gander at the identity of the killer last night: our congratulations go to Nathan Comstock, who was the first to guess correctly (and win a free chapbook!). Unfortunately, Nathan’s luck only extended to the final round of the slam, where he was ousted by remarkable rising rookie Jake Villarreal. Congrats to Jake, who’ll be be one of eight folks looking to take on Ellyn Touchette at the Champion of Champions Slam in just a few weeks!

So, next week: as we said, it’s the 2014 Boston Poetry Slam Team send-off feature, which is a $5 cover charge in order to help fund our team go to the National Poetry Slam in Oakland in just a few short weeks. Team members Melissa Newman-Evans, Meaghan Ford, Sean Patrick Mulroy, Omoizele Okoawo, and Janae Johnson will rock the house for a full hour, delivering their most polished slam work and all the group pieces they’re packing to NPS… Plus the latest team chapbook will be available for purchase.