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Tips from the Bar: Now What?

Imagine that you arrive at the Cantab on a Wednesday to find that no poetry is happening. Now what do you do?

Tips from the Bar: The Safety of What??

Write a poem based on a word or phrase misheard (or misread).

Tips from the Bar: Marty, Something Has Got to Be Done About Your Kids

You have received a gift from a new lover. However, due to a time travel incident, the “you” who is receiving the gift is the “you” five years from now– who knows exactly how the relationship ends. How do you turn the gift down?

Tips from the Bar: Proverb, Punchline

Write a poem with an excessively long title that serves as set-up for a punchline.

Tips from the Bar: Your Poem Is Obviously About Michael Gill

Write a poem that uses lemons as its central image. Do not use the following words: yellow, sour, bitter, “when life gives you,” or meringue.

Tips from the Bar: Don’t Make It Creepy

Consider a historical figure whose goals may have been admirable, but whose means to achieve them were not. Write a poem to correct that person’s methodology. (Extra tip: if you are thinking about trying this with a particular WW leader… Don’t.)

Tips from the Bar: Post-Apocalyptic Prompt

Write about what the next doom-sayers will have to say once we survive the predicted 2012 apocalypse.

Tips from the Bar: The Key Is Restraint

Write a poem about a song without using any of the song lyrics. DON’T SING.

Tips from the Bar: Raid Your Own Closet

Take two completed poems of your own and combine them into one. (The more incongruous, the better.)

Tips from the Bar: Douglas Adam Stone Prompt

Explain how to get a couch too large for the stairwell into a third-floor apartment.

(Actually, Adam doesn’t even care if this is a poem or not: solve this problem in time to save his couch and you can expect extra-special treatment at the bar.)