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Tips from the Bar: the Odd Couple

Select an unlikely pair from history, politics, pop culture, science, or art and bring them together in a poem.

Tips from the Bar: Happy Pangolin Day!

Write about a little-known holiday. (St. Patrick’s Day does NOT count.)

Tips from the Bar: The Su Millerz Prompt

Or maybe it’s The Carrie Fisher prompt. Or it can be The Ansel Adams prompt if you prefer… But here it is: Postcards from Hell. Go!

Tips from the Bar: The Z Prompt

Write a poem that incorporates your area code. Be clever.

Tips from the Bar: Easy on the Prophecy

Write a poem in the form of advice for your first child.

Tips from the Bar: Whose Shoes Are These?

Write a poem inspired by the unclaimed items at the lost and found.

Tips from the Bar: Christopher Kain is What Kind of Puma?

Write a love poem in the voice of an animal.

Tips from the Bar: Now What?

Imagine that you arrive at the Cantab on a Wednesday to find that no poetry is happening. Now what do you do?

Tips from the Bar: The Safety of What??

Write a poem based on a word or phrase misheard (or misread).

Tips from the Bar: Marty, Something Has Got to Be Done About Your Kids

You have received a gift from a new lover. However, due to a time travel incident, the “you” who is receiving the gift is the “you” five years from now– who knows exactly how the relationship ends. How do you turn the gift down?