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Tips from the Bar: Shark Week, Cantab Style

Tips from the Bar

Explain a scar you don’t remember getting.

Tips from the Bar: Flood Warning

Tips from the Bar

This week, you may have noticed that your phone provides a very loud and emphatic emergency weather warning (even if you are one or more counties away from the potentially dangerous weather). Imagine another alert you really wish your phone would give you to help you avoid disaster.

Tips from the Bar: Hot Enough for you?

Tips from the Bar

Write about a time when you found the weather pleasant and appropriate to your needs. No, really.

Tips from the Bar: The Message and the Medium

Tips from the Bar

Sometimes a new environment, experience, or writing tool can change your work.

For your next sit-down writing session, try a simple change to your medium: if you usually write on your computer, try using paper and pen, or, if you are a devout hand-writer, try typing a poem instead. If you aren’t stuck on …

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Tips from the Bar: Sara Brickman’s Nightmare Prompt

Tips from the Bar

Guest workshopper Sara Brickman offered a two-part prompt in a workshop before her show:

FIRST: Write down your most recent nightmare. If you can’t remember it, write down an anxiety dream, or a recurring nightmare you can remember.

THEN: [Highlight this text only after you’ve completed step 1.] Imagine you are on a dinner date …

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Tips from the Bar: The Area 51 Prop Department Prompt

Tips from the Bar

What object that we use every day is actually alien technology? How do you know?

Tip from the Bar: The Origin of Your Specifics

Adam Stone's Tip from the Bar for Wednesday, May 16, 2018.

What part of your body has most recently Poké-evolved? What do you most miss about it? Does its departure change or benefit you in any way?

Tips from the Bar: But Everybody Wants to Run the World

Adam Stone's tip from the bar for Wednesday, May 9, 2018.

Who runs the world? Squirrels.

Bring us a poem with a squirrel in it… Yes, even if a squirrel seems an unlikely participant in the poem you intended to write.

Tips from the Bar: A Fine Judge of Character

Tips from the Bar

Have you ever had a partner that didn’t get along with your pet? Or a pet that didn’t get along with your partner? How did you explain this? What did you do?

Tips from the Bar: Santa Has Not Been Nice

Tips from the Bar

Ripped from the headlines: this week in Michigan, a woman was arrested for saying inappropriate things to a mall Easter bunny.

Is there something you wish you had said to the mall bunny, Santa, or other character? Is there something you would say now? If you were working in this capacity, what do you …

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