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Tips from the Bar: This Is Not My Beautiful Car

Tips from the Bar

Looking for something emotionally important to you, you instead find a set of keys. Do you recognize them? Where do they belong?

Tip from the Bar: Not Abandoned, Just a Canto

Tips from the Bar

Put together a series of your best unfinished first stanzas to create a single poem.

Tips from the Bar: Like a New World, But New

Tips from the Bar

Imagine how a single, small change in technology or circumstance would have completely reshaped our world.

Tips from the Bar: This Is Not My Beautiful Ostrich

Tips from the Bar

Describe an animal as though you’ve never seen it before, in a way you’ve never heard before.

Tips from the Bar: What’s a Cantab?

Tips from the Bar

Describe an advance of planning, prep work, or advance communication that would make your job, emotional growth, or daily life much, much easier– despite the fact that you know you will never do it.

Tips from the Bar: You Wish You’d Been Billy Barnum

Tips from the Bar

Write or print out an older poem of yours that you’ve let out into the world, but that you think could use some updating or editing. Create a new poem around, over, and in its margins.

Tips from the Bar: While You’re Working on the Real Revolution

Tips from the Bar

Consider a terrible or unnecessary revolution: the Arts & Crafts Revolution, the Counterclockwise Lawn-Mowing Movement, etc. Write it out and see what changes.

Tips from the Bar: Ghost Line, But Not Like You’re Thinking

Tips from the Bar

From a conversation overhead, without context, at the Cantab bar. Start your poem with the following line:

“I’m no Mary Oliver, but–”

Erase this line when you are finished.

Tips from the Bar: Good But Weird But Good

Tips from the Bar

Try to convince someone that something you enjoy is worth trying.

Tips from the Bar: Every Day Is Allston Christmas

Tips from the Bar

What’s the first thing you do when you move into a space you expect to become yours?

What’s the last thing you do when you leave?