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Tip from the Bar: Six Degrees of Wikipedia

After nearly a month of absence, we welcome bartender and tipmeister Adam Stone back from his vacation! To celebrate, he offers a prompt to generate up to two poems for you.

1. Go to the Wikipedia page (or, sure, crack open an encyclopedia) about a concept you already know a lot about.
2. …

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Tip from the Bar: If You Were King of the Forest

For his birthday, a lion at a British zoo was presented with soap bubbles. He found them terrifying.

What totally harmless, mundane thing petrifies you? Why? Will you ever get over it?

Tips from the Bar: Who Moved My Cheese?

Write a poem to deal with an unexpected, gently unwanted change in your life.

Tips from the Bar: Polar Bear vs. Prop Penguin

On Tuesday, a polar bear at the Pittsburgh zoo lunged at a penguin backpack visible on the other side of the aquarium glass.

Consider a time you attacked a person or an idea, only to realize it wasn’t what you thought it was.

Tips from the Bar: The Oompa Prompt

Write about two parts of yourself that are at war.

Tips from the Bar: The Backstory Backstory

“Full Armed Man Rescues Puppy from House Fire.”

What’s the backstory?

Tips from the Bar: Group Piece!

Write a collaborative piece with someone where each of you learns something about the other.

Tips from the Bar: No, It’s Not

Write a eulogy for an art form that is very much alive.

Tips from the Bar: A Two-Part Prompt, Depending on Your Life Experience

Write about an awkward time when you ran into a celebrity.


Write about an awkward time when you thought you ran into somebody you thought was a celebrity.

Tips from the Bar: That’s No Horse

Compare a major life event to a specific historic event. (No Trojan Horse metaphors, please.)

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