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Tips from the Bar: Inventors’ Club

Tips from the Bar

Throwback prompt from Adam Stone’s Crooked Treehouse:

Write about a female or non-binary inventor. If you are female or non-binary, write it however you wish. If you’re male-identified, then completely remove yourself from the poem. Don’t talk about how the female or non-binary inventor inspired you or changed your life or what her love …

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Tips from the Bar: Build a Better…

Tips from the Bar

Write the details of a complex trap to catch a human pest: a CEO, a telemarketer, or an online predator, for example.

Tips from the Bar: Sure, By Its Cover

Tips from the Bar

Tell a story about a book you find on the street/in an airport/on the shelf of someone you don’t have much in common with.

Tips from the Bar: Oh, God, the Bees

Create an unlikely, non-violent personal security system to prevent people from invading your personal space.

Tips from the Bar: Excavation

Tips from the Bar

A recent archaeological dig in Melbourne unearthed more than a thousand teeth extracted by a 19th-century dentist’s office.

What horrors will future investigators discover in your own ruins?

Tip from the Bar: Hindsight is High-Gloss

Tips from the Bar

Consider the duct tape recently painted over at the Cantab Lounge. Now consider a time when you thought you had made some real self-improvement, maybe enough to tell somebody about. Did it go as well as you dreamed?

Tips from the Bar: A Better Horrible

Think back to (or, sorry, just look over your shoulder at) a terrible boss you’ve had, one whose actions were bad for you, your co-workers, your customers, and the culture of the business. Write the apology from them that you are owed.

Alternatively: what could you do differently if you were in charge?

Tips from the Bar: Literally a Poem About Your Favorite Pizza

Tips from the Bar

Try and find a piece of writing that stumbles over objectification of a person (or somehow makes the act of objectification seem lovely) and let it inspire you to write about something you are passionate about. Express this without mentioning a person in any way.

Tips from the Bar: Dreamself vs. You

Tips from the Bar

Wait for a moment when you are completely exhausted. Try writing down a few lines, or ideas, or an outline for a piece of writing. Once you are more rested, pick up where you left off; start with these key lines or ideas and work to finish the idea.

Tips from the Bar: Comedy, Tragedy

Tips from the Bar

Why is the gay mermaid late?