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Tips from the Bar: The Nicole Homer Prompt

Tips from the Bar

Adam Stone offers a hat-tip to the excellent Nicole Homer and her own prompt for April 10:

Write 10 meals with someone you love.

Want more prompts from Nicole? There’s tons on her tumblr blog… And if you’re into regularly brilliant and thoughtful prompts, consider subscribing to her Patreon account, which will give you …

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Tips from the Bar: The Noel Fielding Prompt

Tips from the Bar

Write about an inanimate object that has ceased to fulfill its purpose, so goes back to tell the other objects what awaits them.

Bonus MacKenzie family prompt: “The Future.”

Tips From the Bar: Adam Says It’s an Easy One

Tips from the Bar

Try out a poem wherein you have a conversation with inanimate objects.

Bonus MacKenzie family prompt: see if you can be inspired by “water.”

Tips From the Bar: Nice Fedora

Tips from the Bar

Consider something borrowed, overheard, or stole that ultimately became distinctly associated with only you.

Bonus MacKenzie family prompt: try on “guilty pleasures.”

Writing Prompt: Dragons Don’t Live There

Tips from the Bar

Adam Stone still hates the moon. Try this: “a way to cure the moon’s morning breath.”

Bonus MacKenzie family prompt: make use of the idea of “murderous intent.”

Tips from the Bar: It’s Just How They Do It

Tips from the Bar

Write about a conversation between statues.

Bonus MacKenzie family prompt: write about a color. Don’t pick blue.