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Tips from the Bar: Don’t Make It Creepy

Consider a historical figure whose goals may have been admirable, but whose means to achieve them were not. Write a poem to correct that person’s methodology. (Extra tip: if you are thinking about trying this with a particular WW leader… Don’t.)

Tips from the Bar: Post-Apocalyptic Prompt

Write about what the next doom-sayers will have to say once we survive the predicted 2012 apocalypse.

Tips from the Bar: The Key Is Restraint

Write a poem about a song without using any of the song lyrics. DON’T SING.

Tips from the Bar: Raid Your Own Closet

Take two completed poems of your own and combine them into one. (The more incongruous, the better.)

Tips from the Bar: Douglas Adam Stone Prompt

Explain how to get a couch too large for the stairwell into a third-floor apartment.

(Actually, Adam doesn’t even care if this is a poem or not: solve this problem in time to save his couch and you can expect extra-special treatment at the bar.)

Tips from the Bar: Walking Dead Prompt

Use the following as title, subject, line, or inspiration for your poem: docile opossum apocalypse.

Tips from the Bar: Pandorschrodinga’s Box

You have a received a gift from someone who:

  • Doesn’t like you
  • Is a terrible gift-giver.

What’s in the box?

Tips from the Bar: Persona Poem Prompt

Your poem should start with the first line: “I’m not a serial killer, but…”.

Tips from the Bar: Cross-Media Prompt

Write a letter from a character in literature to a character in a movie.

Tips from the Bar: Writing Prompt

Write a eulogy for an inanimate object.