Cantab Recap for Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Happy Halloween, Cantabbers! Last night’s slam was a– broombuster? A beastly good time? Definitely magical: the transformative joy of the season was in full effect as Werewolves, Zombies, Ghosts and Vampires took the stage in an extremely-high-stakes and not-at-all off-the-cuff competition event designed to select the Supreme Supernatural Being of the Night. Hosted by hard-working and ghostly-dressing producer Cassandra de Alba as La Llrona, two sacrifices from Zeke Russell and Kelsey Chaplain kicked off a host of memorable moments, not least of which included: Werewolf Max Evans kicking in the door with a familiar incantation; Yehya Barakat appearing in full creeptastic costume and hilariously reprising the same character in a Zombie group piece with Megan Thoma; a serious haunting effort across the whole city of Boston captained by Ghost Allison Truj; and a treatise on the Hollywood complications of vampiric life from Chloé Cunha.

When the bats cleared, the Vampires had taken the top spot in the event, trailed closely by the Zombies and Ghosts, then with the Werewolves rounding out the high-spirited foursome. Congratulations to Nosferatu George Abraham, Myles Taylor, Kieran Collier, and Chloé Cunha on a well-crafted set, and big thanks to judges Katya, Ethan, Bothma, Robin, and AJ, who made awarding our not-at-all-janky skull necklaces prizes possible.

Next week: the five Wednesdays of October may be in the rearview, but autumn poetry rolls on! This week we welcome Denver storyteller Ashia Ajani to the stage for a feature set following our open mic. Early arrivals, take note: Ashia will offer a Wednesday workshop with discussion and generative prompts on the marginalized body (this event is free for Black poets). Click here for more workshop details!