Cantab Recap for Wednesday, July 13, 2017

Three down… Zero to go?! It’s hard to believe that our team 4×4 season has closed out so early this year, Cantabbers, but it’s so: with less than four weeks left to go until the National Poetry Slam, we’ve brought our last NorthBEAST team slam into the venue for the year. After a high-energy show hosted by Kieran Collier, lovingly bout managed by Nora Meiners, and objectively scored by Cassandra de Alba, the slam yielded the following results:

1. Boston Poetry Slam 106.7
2. Slam Free or Die 102.6
3. Lizard Lounge Poetry Jam 97.5
4. Mill City Slam 92.2

Thanks to all our teams for a fine showing, and to our hard-working and thoughtful judges, for making this 4×4 possible! Our slam team will appear next, shiny new chapbooks in hand, at the venue on August 2 for an hour-long send-off feature, but if you’re itching to watch them slam between now and then, you’re in luck: check the team schedule for their upcoming away gigs.

Next Wednesday: we’re back, obviously. But guess who else is back? Your favorite-or-second-favorite-red-headed bartender: Melissa Newman-Evans returns from Denver for a half-hour engagement, where this time you bring drinks to her. Oh, and there’s poetry, and it’s good. See you there!