Cantab Recap for Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Thanks for filling our room to the 100-mark for 100% of 2017, poetry lovers! Of course, your motives may have been purely selfish: last night’s nine-poet prelims was a glorious example of why you should never miss a minute at the Boston Poetry Slam. After the dust cleared on heat two of our Team Selection Preliminaries, the standings were as follows:

1. Emily Taylor 55.7
2 (t). Mckendy Fils-Aimé 55.2
2 (t). Kieran Collier 55.2
4. Allison Truj 54.8
5. Kylie Noelle 54.3
6 (t). Austin Hendricks 53.5
6 (t). Claudia Wilson 53.5

8. RebeccaLynn
9. Kai Bobbi
Poets in bold qualify to advance to the next round.

As always, we extend our thanks to our sacrificial poets, the intimidatingly excellent JR Mahung and Cassandra de Alba, and our perfectly critical judges: Angeline, Emmanuel, Dylan, Suzanne, and Evan & Shea! After twenty poems and a rollicking up-and-down slam, we have our top six (well, seven, because TIES) to invite to fill out the field at the March 1 Semi-Finals. Best mark your calendar for that barn-burner now.

In the meantime, though, there’s a really excellent 2017 line-up coming your way. Next week is no exception: we welcome Somerville Poet Laureate Nicole Terez Dutton to our stage. Plus, it’s speed slam season! Get your 3-, 2-, and 1-minute poems in order for the first 8×8 of the speed series.