Cantab Recap for Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sure, sure, it’s blisteringly hot, swelteringly humid, and super-obviously only just past the midway point of the calendar… Still, it seems constantly surprising that July even exists and is happening to us right here. This past Wednesday, five teams prepping for the National Poetry Slam in August (so! soon!) got down on our dirty basement floor in the hopes of tuning up properly for the big show. At the end of four remarkable rounds, the standings were as follows:

1. The House Slam: 112.6
2. Slam Free or Die: 107.8
3. Seven Hills: 104.1
4. Northampton: 102.7
5. Boston Poetry Slam: 100.4

Congratulations to the House Slam, taking a win in their first-ever season, and best of luck to all the traveling teams! Extra thanks go to Meaghan Ford and Josh Elbaum, our intrepid sacrifices, as well as the five judges selected by ultra-competent bout manager Tom Slavin: Fiona, Julie, Colleen, Joanne & John, and Daysha!

Did you miss it? Well, boy-o, are you in luck this week: Christopher Clauss not only slammed for SFoD in the third round, but he got pictures of just about everyone else in the show. Here are a few selects for you to enjoy while you wait for next Wednesday’s feature: that’ll be a bittersweet farewell to not-with-us-long-enough local Ariel Baker-Gibbs.