Cantab Recap for Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Red Sox game? Janelle Monae concert? Poetry vs. Comedy Showdown? Sure, there might be three other shows in town on a Wednesday night, but that doesn’t stop us from filling the room for Chad Anderson, New Jersey performance poet and long-time LoserSlam coach. Chad brought us a (nearly) banter-free set, closing with a sweet cover that brought all of us in the audience back… Waaaaay back. The slam filled with a motley assortment of competitors, but came down to a scrappy finals pairing of Eddy Martinez and Kieran Collier. Kieran took the win, netting him the coveted final spot in the 8×8 series standings.

Next week: Sober October continues with deft talker and thinker Andrew Ek from Omaha, then an all-star-packed Champion of Champions slam wherein Tom Slavin defends his title. Awesome!