Radio Recap for Monday, August 21

Comedy! Poetry! Poetry! Comedy! We like to mix it up at New & Improved, so naturally we brought a poetry magazine editor and a nationally acclaimed comic together for last night’s show. Stevie Edwards and Joe Wong rocked it out (figuratively speaking) last night at Radio, following up on a great mix of comics and poets on the open mic, co-hosted by Wes Hazard! If you missed it, not to worry: Stevie will be back in full force at the Cantab show as the feature this Wednesday.

Oh, but if you have heard a sad rumor about New & Improved, folks, we’re afraid it’s true: our time at Radio is short and we’ll only be holding one more show there. BUT WAIT! We’ll holding an amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing farewell event at the venue this coming Monday for our last New & Improved pairing, featuring poet Angel Nafis and poet-musician Shira Erlichman. Each of these ladies could (and sometimes do) headline a national tour, but we get to have them both in one spot! 379 Somerville Ave. in Union Square, Somerville, is the place to be on Monday, August 27. Doors open at 6:30 for a 7:00 poetry workshop with Angel, an 8:00 open mic, and the 9:00 supah-stah double-feature. Sweet!

(Also, if you’re worried about what you’ll be doing with your Monday nights now that New & Improved can’t be there to entertain you… Here’s a sneak peek at the monthly Monday series we’ll be starting on September 3. It’s called The Encyclopedia Show: Somerville, and we can hardly wait.)