Cantab Recap for Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Another December show in the books, folks! Mary Boo Anderson came to us last week and brought us an unnerving parody of corporate performance, split between two fabulously different sets and ranging in character from the slightly unhinged cube farmer to the time-strapped-relay-race-much-maligned media poet; an character-intense night softened by the sincere gentleness of the real-life poet’s presence. Unforgettable!

This week: we’ve got one more show for 2019, folks, and it’s a doozy. We’ll kick off our December closer with an early-bird workshop with soon-to-depart-these-climes Ilyus Evander, then enjoy our nightly open mic before launching into our first-ever Astrology Team Slam, hosted and produced by Myles Taylor! Come out and celebrate your survival of 2018 with us, folks… And, in the meantime, you can enjoy a sneak peak ahead at our 2019 schedule.