Cantab Recap for Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Poets! Wizards! Muggles who retain hopes for magical outcomes! Gdangit, folks, you all packed the house on Wednesday for the Hogwarts House Slam and it might be the most fun we’ve had since we made the four MBTA train lines slam off against each other. Twenty intrepid poets (plus one sacrificial Sorting Hat) represented Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Gyffindor, and Ravenclaw, slamming off against one another in a truly rollicking slam featuring a satisfying array of costumes and a fabulous selection of poetic work, all to celebrate twenty years (wait, these novels can drink next year??) of Harry Potter.

In a surprise that comes as a surprise to no one who has ever attended a poetry reading, the final points awarded were as follows:

  1. Ravenclaw 140.7
  2. Hufflepuff 137.3
  3. Gryffindor 136.3
  4. Slytherin 128.7

Congratulations to Captain Cassandra de Alba’s Ravenclaw team: Kayti Lasaiezideh, Kieran Collier, Sophia Holtz, and Myles Taylor, who will be awarded the House Cup just the instant that thing comes back from cleaning. We also would like to thank our judges, Caroline, Evan & Leah, George, Elle, and Cori, and offer a special tip of thanks to our Sorting Hat sacrifice, Nathan Comstock.

Next week: we are extremely pleased to presented a feature from our three-time and current reigning Champion of Champions, RebeccaLynn! We’ll also hold the coveted fourth open poetry slam in the current 8×8 series.