Cantab Recap for Wednesday, May 10, 2017

What is this dreary May grayness that’s dogging 2017, Cantabbers? Thank poetry for our gritty little basement, where poets are still bursting into blossom weekly on the stage. This past Wednesday saw New York curator, MFA candidate, and all-around five-petaled thinker Cecily Schuler bring their fresh thoughts to the stage, followed by the first slam to qualify poets for the 2018 team tryouts! If you want to look to the future, cast your eyes no further than slam winner Suzanne O’Toole, who dispatched James Merenda in the final round.

Next week: you know the promise of summer is real when our own school-year travelers are back. Come rain, snow, or blazing heat wave, we’ll welcome Jess Rizkallah home from the New School, and continue our open slam series with the second in the 8×8.