Cantab Recap for Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Happy Black History Month, Cantabbers! This Wednesday, we were super-proud to bring Sasha Banks back to our stage, a fantastic thinker and writer in the home stretch of her MFA candidacy (and NYC residency!). Sasha brought us a half-hour of newly crafted work, speaking cleanly and beautifully to so many of the issues on our mind this February 1. After Sasha’s feature, a four-poet speed slam ensued, the second in our series and already a highly competitive event. The final one-minute round came down to dynamic new work to the stage from both Alex McDonald and Sara Mae: Alex took the top score and his first win at the Boston Poetry Slam. Six more speed slams are left in the series, culminating in the April Champion of Champions match, speed style: you’ll want to polish up your 3-, 2-, and 1-minute poems for a chance at the title.

Next week: we’ll have a sweet little break from the EXTREMELY JOCK-IMPORTANT speed slams we’ve been having and instead slide on into our annual Erotic Poetry Night. This year’s night of Not Love Poems will feature our annual erotica-themed open mic, including haiku highlist from Chloé Cunha. Our featured event will be an all-star head-to-head slam on the themes of Love vs. Death; check the link to find out who is competing in this low-stakes, winner-take-nothing prelude to Singles Awareness Day. Can’t wait to see you there!