The End of a Moonlit Era…

Moonlighting icon by Emily Carroll.

Moonlighting icon by Emily Carroll.

While we’re sad to say that Moonlighting, our LGBTQ reading series, has come to a close, last Thursday’s intimate, beer-soaked celebration with some of the reading’s mainstays is helping to dull the pain a little.

We couldn’t be more grateful for the three years of phenomenal queer poets we’ve been able to showcase, or the new voices that have discovered themselves on our little (acoustic? nonexistent?) mic. Those voices continue to be a part of the BPS community in new and growing ways.

We’re sure we’ll see you at the Cantab, at If You Can Feel It, You Can Speak It, at Mad Femme Pride, and at Queeraoke. Thanks for three fabulous years!

Sean, Emily, and the Boston Poetry Slam family