Cantab Recap for Wednesday, November 12, 2014

We told you. We told you that Manvir Singh was going to be outrageous and wildly original, that he was going to take you on journeys you had never experienced before, that he was going to do it with love and brilliance and that JUST MAYBE (okay, we didn’t tell you this part) there would be a tiny dance party at the end of the show… And you believed us! Our thanks to the droves of folks who visited us for Manvir’s feature last night, and special hat-tips to those who waited patiently at the door for our tiny room to make space for all his fans. If you were left out in the cold, you can of course purchase books from this remarkable artist: we always recommend you purchase directly from the poet, but if you fear you won’t cross paths in person again, you can also get two of his doodlebooks from Amazon.

After our little sold-out dance party wound down, by the way, we of course brought ourselves back to the slam. A competitive eight took the stage with plans to take home a ten-high pile of damp (don’t ask) dollar bills, and two emerged from the fire into the final round: Eddy Martinez and Ed Wilkinson. Both brought strong showings, but Ed’s lambasting of hope (perhaps a riff off a poet in an earlier round?) took top honors and the win.

Next week: she’s lived in Denver, New Zealand, and Los Angeles, but we always like to think that one-time Emerson grad Carrie Rudzinski is coming home when she walks into the Cantab. Carrie will bring new work from her many travels and we’ll serve up the third poetry slam in this season’s 8×8 series.