Cantab Feature for Wednesday, November 12, 2014: Manvir Singh

Manvir Singh, world-traveling poet and eater of cookies.

Manvir Singh, world-traveling poet and eater of cookies.

Manvir Singh lives in Cambridge, Mass., where he eats cookies and pursues a doctorate. He writes short stories that become poems, because something– maybe a monster– bites off their heads, exposing their gooey innards to fungi and demons.

Manvir has participated in six poetry slams as the only English-speaker. He almost represented Copenhagen in the 2013 Danish Poetry Nationals, but ended up coming in second to a lady who did rhyming stuff about ladyparts. He has twice shared a Pushing the Art Forward Award. He won his first-grade spelling bee, or at least tied for first with Neta Raanan.

This show coincides with the release of his newest doodle-zine, Death & Rabbits.

This show in our weekly Wednesday series takes place at the Cantab Lounge, 738 Massachusetts Ave. in Cambridge. Doors for the show open at 7:15. The open mic begins at 8:00 and the feature performs at approximately 10:00. An open poetry slam in the 8×8 series will follow. The show is 18+ (ID required) and the cover charge is $3.