Cantab Recap for Wednesday, August 6, 2014

With the slam team out of town, it’s been anything but quiet at the Cantab… Just ask Adam Stone, who was hoping for a nice, peaceful, anti-slammy feature, but instead ended up playing to a packed house while soon-to-be-first-mate-bartender Emily Carroll was busy slinging custom cocktails. Adam took us, as he put it, on a non-personal non-journey, with a really fun selection of humor, allegory, and extended joke/metaphor, with one wacky cover and a good sprinkling of puns thrown in. That kind of mix is what qualifies him to be our bartender, folks.

The slam was the last in the 8×8 series, which meant that eight big names were vying for the win! Perennial finalist Nathan Comstock made it all the way to the last round again, but was ousted by an on-fire Sophia Holtz, who takes the last win of the series. Open slams start again on August 20.

Next week: we’re back with excellent Appalachian/Rochester poet Jacob Rakovan, author of The Devil’s Radio. Plus, all the NorthBEAST slam teams will be home from Nationals with stories to tell… Especially Ellyn Touchette, Port Veritas slam team member and reigning Champion of Champions, who’ll have to defend her title against eight bloodthirsty challengers! Slam on!