Cantab Recap for Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Yup, we’ve been waiting for Geoff Kagan Trenchard to come back to the Cantab for almost three years, and it was totally worth the wait. This Juris Doctor Candidate took a tiny break from his life as a student to school us on proper storytelling, fine-tuned word choice, and impeccable stage presence.

To close the night, our final speed slam in the 8×8 series only had four takers… Which meant a good chance of winning the ten bucks at the end of the night, right? Well, whatever you might have thought your chances are, you would have gotten beat by either Meaghan Ford or Emily Carroll on their way to the finals! Slamming all on page, Emily took the high cumulative score in the first two rounds and a victory in the final one-minute round, which puts her in in the sweet spot in next week’s Champion of Champions match.

That’s right: next week, we invite the past eight slam winners back to the show for an all-champs speed slam and a chance to take down reigning champ Sean Patrick Mulroy. But first, we’ll knock their confidence down a few notches by bringing an awesome published slammer to the stage. Get ready to welcome Hieu Minh Nguyen, Write Bloody author and thoughtful man of craft, on his visit to balmy Boston from chilly Minnesota.