Cantab Recap for Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy National Day of Matthew Richards, everybody! No, seriously: the joy you get from a Matthew Richards feature should justify an annual event. This beloved local took his kind heart, sharp wit, and well-crafted work to the stage for a crowd that was thrilled to welcome him. We don’t see Matthew at the Cantab as often these days, so if you’re looking to hear more, you might want to check out his home reading, Slam Free or Die, on Thursdays in New Hampshire.

Speaking of the chilly chilly north: two traveling Portlanders, Zanne Langois and Ellyn Touchette, just so happened to touch down at the bar this Wednesday for spots in the slam. Sure, six other people signed up, but after a series of efficient eliminations, the finals came down to these two ladies who arrived in the same car: in the final round, Zanne edged out Ellyn for the win, the $10, and another shot at the not-so-unfamiliar Champion of Champions title.

Next week: we are thrilled to welcome local favorite and 2013 Boston Poetry Slam Team member Nora Meiners to the feature slot! Nora has been bringing new work, new ideas, and new sass to our stage every Wednesday for more than a year; we’re looking forward to see what this prolific performer will select for her show. We’ll finish up the night with a poetry slam in the 8×8, open to all comers as usual.