Cantab Recap for Wednesday, May 22

Hot damn! Marshall “Gripp” Gillson showed off all his poetry chops last night, ranging from short vignettes to slam work to some all-out a capella rap. If you missed your chance to grab one of his free mini-chapbooks, you can still purchase his album, Head in the Clouds, at his personal website. The seven-poet-slam got weird fast, with slammers cutting loose every which way: Deif Maquena signed up phonetically in the hopes of breaking the Snake Eyes Curse, but was dispatched in the final round by a livestock-hating, randomly Russian-accented Sean Patrick Mulroy. Money well spent indeed!

Next week: WHOA, WE ARE TOTALLY PICKING OUR IWPS REP! The top eight slammers from May 1 (click here to see the list) will slam off in four rounds, including one long-form four-minute round, to see who we’ll be sending to the Individual World Poetry Slam this October in Spokane, Washington. Remember that it’s a $5 cover to help raise the money for our rep!