Cantab Recap for Wednesday, April 3

It was a tight night at the Cantab this past Wednesday, folks, as we tried to squeeze in all the poets we had planned! Our thanks go to the Cambridge Arts Council for providing our feature, the finalists for the Poet Populist Program: those were Tom Yuill and Lo Galluccio, who read head-to-head in the final public reading to help decide the post. Cambridge residents can vote here for the poet they’d like to represent the city for the next two years! Our feature slot was closed out by outgoing Poet Populist Toni Bee, who has served two solid years for the city and will be moving on to her next big thing. Then a quick speed slam, hosted by 2013 Boston Poetry Slam Team member Sean Patrick Mulroy, came down to Chloé Cunha and Simone Beaubien in the final round. Simone took the top score with her one-minute poem and went home with the big ten-dollar prize.

Next week: National Poetry Month continues! Artie Moffa will work extra-hard for us on Wednesday with both an early-bird workshop ($5, doors at 5:30 for a 6-7 show) and then a full feature set. We’ll also have the final slam in our 8×8 speed slam series as we gear up to select our 2013 Individual World Poetry Slam representative!