The Encyclopedia Show: Somerville — Monday, September 3, S1V1: BEARS

Encyclopedia Show: Somerville -- V1S1: BEARS!

Labor Day, Monday, September 3
The Davis Square Theatre
255 Elm St. in Somerville
7pm welcome party, 8pm-10pm show
all ages, $10/$7 sliding scale
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The Boston Poetry Slam and Simone Beaubien present the debut installment in a new monthly series!

The Encyclopedia Show Somerville is an event franchised from the original series founded in Chicago in 2008, wherein invited artists from a variety of performance disciplines present all-new, original works on sub-topics of a single theme. A recurring cast of hosts and characters welcomes the artists with open arms and minds, while the resident Fact Checker is charged with maintaining the integrity of the Encyclopedic Truth of the show.

Our theme for the September show will be BEARS! Presenting all-original guest performances from:

  • Tony Brown — poetry on the subject of RUSSIA
  • Krysten Hill — poetry regarding the nature of SLOTH BEARS
  • Adam Stone with Claudia Wilson — poetry about BOO BOO BEAR
  • Wes Hazard — comedy about THE BERENSTAIN BEARS
  • Veronica Barron — dance/mime regarding SURVIVING A BEAR ATTACK
  • Petaluma Vale — a harp solo with lyrics about URSA MINOR
  • Cowboy Matt Hopewell — a rock ‘n’ roll perspective on the CHENGDU PANDA BASE

In addition, we encourage you to welcome the work of our recurring cast members:

  • Aimee Rose Ranger and Kevin Spak provide deft and earnest CO-HOSTING
  • The Michael J. Epstein LiBEARy offers musical flourishes, house music, and a piece on DROP BEARS
  • Chef Bro presents an educational treatise on the history of BEAR CLAWS
  • And Intern Steve Subrizi has confirmed that he will be bringing a LIVE BEAR to the show!

Live Fact Checking is reluctantly provided by Jack van Sly from the Institute of Human Knowledge and Hygiene.

Encyclopedia Show: Somerville -- V1S1: BEARS!

This show in our monthly Encylopedia Show: Somerville series takes place at the Davis Square Theatre, 255 Elm St. in Somerville. Doors and the theatre bar open for a pre-show welcome party at 7:00. The show begins promptly at 8:00 and finishes at 10:00, including a short intermission. This is an all ages show! Admission is $10, or $7 for students, teachers, or guests in Prohibition-era dress.