Radio Recap for Monday, July 23

Great big doings at New & Improved last night, folks: after a slightly late start we kicked off a packed open mic with at least a few heartbreak themes that led right into Caroline Harvey’s feature. Fans of the poet got all the fierceness and fire we’ve come to expect from Caroline, in a wild set that spanned some of her oldest work to some freshly-composed pieces laid on the stage just for us. Our night was capped off by the sweet sounds of Gracious Calamity, a.k.a. Kit Wallach and Kate Lee of the famed Whitehaus scene. These two ladies harmonized the brash energy of the room down to a slow burn, making a host of new friends and fans. What a great evening!

We’ve back next week, of course, with Manchester poet Ed Wilkinson and storyteller Daniel Gewertz, who’ll be putting together some heartfelt straight-talk to get you thinking about where you’ve come from and where you are going. Special note: this show will take place DOWNSTAIRS at Radio to accommodate a band on the upstairs stage, so you can head straight down the front stairs when you come in (and sneak back up the rear staircase to grab a drink from the upper bar).