Cantab Recap For Wednesday, October 4th, 2023

Hi poet! Get ready to hear about an exciting, surprising, team-selecting poetry slam!! But first, there’s an open mic to cover. We had one of the fastest sold-out nights ever, selling out well before the show even started, and the audience was full of some newcomers and some long-time-no-sees. Alleliah from Tucson, Arizona read from her new book, “A HUMAN MOON,” Kai and Arielle (2023 Slam Team Members) read a GROUP PIECE called “Black Honda,” and regular Eli Kane came back to perform some new shit (“new shit!”).

The ✏️Line of the Wednesday✏️ goes to Shawn with “They say ‘be kind, do good,’
But look at what we teach”

Then commenced the slam, where the esteemed Zeke Russel hosted 8 contenders as they showed off their finest work. We had Jennifer Martinez with the jaw-dropping delivery. Then there was Rina with the short and striking pieces. And then Aparna with their signature style and delivery. At the end, after a close battle for the top, our own producer/curator Myles Taylor won the slam and the $50 prize!

But it was not just one poet who won something that night! The top FIVE slammers are our representatives heading to Slam Free or Die on November 2nd for a special Halloween slam! Congrats to the following poets:

• Myles Taylor
• Katya Zinn
• Jennifer Martinez
• Kris Cho
• Aparna Paul

Catch them in NH on the 2nd!

Coming up, the long-anticipated, MFG-hosted, multi-round HAIKU TOURNAMENT is this Wednesday! The tournament will feature a dozen past slam winners and runners up. There will be a haiku suite round, a themed round involving dirty and experimental haiku, as well as a head-to-head final round! The winner gets $170 (!) plus will be invited back to our slam team qualifiers. You do NOT want to miss this Wednesday.

See you soon!

-Amy ✈️

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