Cantab Recap For Wednesday, September 27th, 2023

Hey Cantab!  We are back in the basement! We were so glad to see so many people come through for the return of some normalcy at the Cantab, as the basement has mostly recovered from the flood last month. We had several incredible newcomers at the mic, such as Ash, Kris, Jelissa, and Kristin, who spat some fire with great confidence and skill. We had heartfelt pieces from Sara H and Logan, a vulnerable, beautiful poem from Jelissa, and some more “dirty water” themed poems from Kaitie D. Adam M. the bartender tried out a new homemade blueberry syrup, chairs were arranged in a semicircle, possibilities were limitless.

The ✏️Line of the Wednesday✏️ comes from Kai, with “One can never be too careful to look backwards into the brain”

Our feature was ANTHONY FEBO, who read from a series of poems about his late father, and he expressed his grief, love, and memories using his amazing stage presence and expert use of a motif on running. He also performed poems on health, dancing, and his daughter, and our feisty audience drank up and felt every word. As a wonderful member of the community, Febo stayed after his feature for around an HOUR to talk with fellow poets about art, life, and provide great advice. Thank you Febo!

There were two “shenanigans” this week, in my humble opinion. First-timer Jelissa not only came with an entourage who graciously supported her as she performed, but they brought a SIGN! How sweet is that! The temporary semi-circle set up of the chairs allowed Amy (myself) and Aparna to perform a crowd walking piece on … walking, and it ended with the entire crowd joining in, chanting “Hot girl, keep walking!” And we did :)

This week: Join us at the Cantab Lounge for our regular Open Mic AND Open Slam! Slam rules: 3 rounds! You just need to have 3 ORIGINAL poems under 3 minutes. This open slam is to qualify for our upcoming regional slam team. BONUS: Bring Halloween-themed poems if you have them! The top four finalists will also be invited to go on a field trip to Slam Free or Die on November 2nd to compete in their Halloween slam.

See you then!

– Amy ✈️

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