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Artie Moffa

When Artie Moffa discovered the Cantab Lounge in 2006, he was working in Boston and living far up on the North Shore, so he would come straight from the office, in business attire. In every possible sense, Artie was usually overdressed for the Boston Poetry Slam.

From 2007-2010, Artie helped out by setting up tables and chairs before the show, working the door, and editing the weekly E-mail newsletter. He also designed fliers, tickets, and websites for special events produced by
or associated with the Boston Poetry Slam.* Artie was a fixture at the Third Rail for over four years. He took copious notes and listened as hard as he knew how.

Now the editor of Bicycle Comics, Artie is proud to publish books by NorthBEAST veterans such as Carrie Rudzinski and Sam Teitel. He co-produced the Lit Slam in San Francisco for its first two seasons, and he spearheaded production of the first two Tandem anthologies from that project. He lives in San Francisco, where he again finds himself chronically overdressed. He may be contacted via the Bicycle Comics website.