Cantab Recap for Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Holy wow, Cantabbers: thanks so much to each of you who brought your kindest and truest selves to the show last night. Our open mic was the sweetest and shiniest strawberry it’s been a long time, thanks to the visible and joyful work of poets and audience, and surely due in no small part to a carefully curated workshop and emotionally rich feature from James Merenda. If you missed your chance to get a copy of this local’s new chapbook, Stone Split & Fruiting, you’re in luck; catch them at just about any upcoming open mic to ask about taking one home with you.

Next week: our feature will be Ben Tolkin, a CUPSI/NPS poet who finally leaps from much-touted-occasional-open-mic-sensation to full-on headliner at the BPS. Come by to listen in on a full set from this elusive local.