Cantab Recap for Wednesday, July 11, 2018

What a sweet, sweet summer night back from our holiday break, Cantabbers; thanks so much to everyone who came out to workshop with Lyd Havens, pump up our open mic with your new work & new faces, listen in and support Lyd’s graceful arc of a feature, and hold steady for slam host Zeke’s rockin’ return to the stage. We were so lucky to have so many hours of Lyd’s time and art this week, and if you are itching to see even more of their work, let us please recommend a visit to the FEMS workshop and slam going on this Sunday, July 15 at the Lucy Parsons Center in JP.

Our slam, by the way, was a tender foursome bringing lots of new work to the mic; the final pairing came down to Lihi Zaks against Mugs Myers. In a sweet twist of fate, Mugs took the top honors in the final round with a poem inspired by– and with credit to– his opponent Lihi. Community! Poetry! And also $10 for Mugs, as well as an invite to the upcoming Champion of Champions slam.

Next week: we return with our second (and final) of two summer team slams! This Nationals-style 4×4 will feature competitors from Pulp Slam, Slam Free or Die, Mill City Slam, and your very own home team, all with Kieran Collier at the hosting helm. Heads up: this show will have a five dollar cover to help raise funds to send the team to the National Poetry Slam in Chicago in August.