Cantab Recap for Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Hot diggity dang! What a fabulous ending to Black History Month 2018, Cantabbers: our open mic was packed with good thinkers (and just a little sweet sweet love) to close out a truly excellent February. And then our feature, D. Colin, was everything we’d dreamed; she brought a carefully crafted, pull-no-punches set showing off all her poetic chops for the Women of the World Poetry Slam she’ll be competing at in just a few weeks.

Yes, yes, we, too, were super-sad that D was out of books to sell us last night. But listen: you can support the heckoutta a Black womxn’s art by checking out Empress Bohemia, D. Colin’s Etsy shop of her handcrafted, Afrocentric-inspired jewelry, paintings, and photos. (Oh, and, yes, if you want a copy of D’s book, Dreaming in Kreyol is available in paperback and Kindle from Amazon.)

Our slam, by the way, was also full of sweet thinkers and good lovers (wait, is that the same or possibly better than the open mic?); the final pairing came down to Mugs Myers vs. Liv Mckee, with a squeaky-tight 0.3 margin in the final 1-minute round. Out-of-towner (and August 2017 feature) Liv took the win and the $10 home, leaving Mugs free to slam another day. And, cool news: that means that if you want to support two poets from upstate NY who made our show awesome last night, you can drop your cash on the YouCaring page for Liv and D’s tandem trip to WOWPS this month.

Next Wednesday: GET READY FOR A HOTT NIGHT FULLA NERVOUS CUPSI POETZ, KIDS! That’s right, it’s our annual CUPSI Warm-Up, the shake-the-dust slam we offer to our locals who are collegiate-nationals bound. Come for one of the most intense open mics of the season, and stay to judge some much-in-need-of-judging slam students from Emerson College, Wheelock College, Wellesley College, Smith College, and Tufts University! Yes, we are 18+, so bring your friends, buy a soda, tip your bartender and get some poetry in your ears in the dirtiest bar in Cambridge.