Cantab Recap for Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Happy Old Year, Cantabbers! How pleasing to have enjoyed our last Wednesday of 2017 with seven-year-irregular Emily Duggan on the stage. Emily brought her poetry, theater, and ghostly skills to the show, taking us on a grand journey through the personal and the historical, all wrapped up in a delightful bundle of banter. We hope to see Emily again, no matter how irregularly, when she returns from her MFA program in Chicago.

The slam was a feisty foursome of– dare we say it– late-season rookies to the Cantab, all bringing fresh work and game skilled enough to distress the onlookers already qualified for team slams. The final round came down to Vicky Munyoz vs. José, whose work had dialogued beautifully with one another from jump. Of course, there’s only one ten-dollar bill for the winner, so someone had to take the fall… Vicky was graceful in an overtime defeat, as was our latest winner in a first slam triumph: congratulations to José, the antepenultimate qualifier for the 2018 Team Selection Slams.

Next week: let’s ring in 2018 for real, folks! Our feature will be Angelica Maria, 2017 National Poetry Slam Finalist and bombdiggity local from across the river. If you are sharpening your slam fangs (hey now), keep in mind that the slam that night will be the last in the current 8×8 series.