Cantab Recap for Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Success! This week, we enjoyed a fabulous All Hallows/Saints’/Souls’ slam, courtesy of director and host Cassandra de Alba. Seven pairs of poets slammed off for the dubious honor of a mysteeeeeeeeeeeeerious discount pharmacy prize, plus eternal (for real this time) glory. We are pleased to offer congratulations to the Died Young team, who, clocking in just over Medicare age, defeated the upstarts of the Died Younger team in a decisive 5-2 finish! That means Anna Binkovitz, Caroline Merrit, Jeffrey Salamone, Mara Stangl, April Penn, Zeke Russell, and George Abraham walked away with the coveted prize, leaving Austin Hendricks, Christian Arthur, Meaghan Ford, Colin Killick, Sara Mae, Chloé Cunha, and Lip McDonald to haunt the venue with their loss. Thanks for slamming, ghostly poets! And, no, you still can’t stand on the stairs.

This coming Wednesday: we welcome powerhouse craftperson and thinker Nicole Homer, who’s making us a stop on the tour for her latest book, Pecking Order from Write Bloody. A visit from Nicole is a rare treat, so act accordingly: we hope you’ll come out early and stay late for this feature with deep roots in northeastern slam.