Cantab Recap for Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Welcome to autumn in New England, poets! You know the drill: it’s wistful and heartbreaking, chill and heated by turns, and full of flaming bright surprises; oh, hang on, that sounds an awful lot like this past week’s excellent feature by Sam Rush. And, dontcha know it, just like autumn, Sam will be gracefully exiting for parts not here much too soon, so if you missed your chance to catch this fleeting touring poet, maybe check out their Facebook page and see Sam one more time before their move from New England really sets in.

This week’s slam was actually sparser than our last few, with only four poets lined up to throw three poems out there in the hope of reeling back that big $10. Hey, slammers, dontcha know there are only ten more slams left to qualify for the 2018 Boston Poetry Slam team? I’m betting that Suzanne O’Toole and Kieran Collier know it, given their high-energy face-off at the show this week; Kieran took the victory and the cash, leaving Suzanne as likely the most dangerous also-ran remaining in our pool of regular slammers.

Next week: not a slam in sight, but TWO local Individual World Poetry Slam reps will hit our stage! That’s right, for a $5 cover, you’ll get an extended one-hour set from Zeke Russell, our representative to Spokane’s world stage this October… And you’ll also get a glimpse of local favorite and Slam Free or Die’s representative to IWPS, Sara Mae! Zeke will hit the stage around 10:00, with Sara Mae spotlighting it up around 9:30ish on the hottest part of our open mic. Come early, stay late, and please do buy some product from our glorious locals taking their poetry to the big show.