Cantab Recap for Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Thanks to everyone for a fabulous Wednesday, Cantabbers! We hope you enjoyed our new and improved plumbing as much as we enjoyed the new and established readers of this week’s open mic. It was an extra treat to get to hear a full set of work from longtime regular reader Jackie Perry, local poet and thinker and number-cruncher who might possibly also be a penguin. Our open slam was an exciting affair, welcoming folks new to the venue to the mic, as well as established slammers. Frequent open mic poet Kayti Lahsaiezadeh jumped into the slam for the first time and took it all the way to the finals, where she was narrowly defeated by current World Qualifier champ Zeke Russell. Zeke took home the $10 and will advance to challenge RebeccaLynn for the venue: and heads up, folks, due to our never-to-be-spoken-of-again plumbing problem from two weeks ago, that champs match has been pushed up to October 25.

Next week: are you starting to feel the effects of shorter daylight? Brighten up: Sam Rush is back in town to celebrate a bit of autumn with you! Sam will visit us this coming Wednesday, September 27, as part of their month-long New England tour. Come early if you want a seat for this incredibly talented and clever feature.