Cantab Recap for Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Last night, we wrapped up another fine June with a feature from Raych Jackson, making us the finale in her all-New-England early summer tour. Raych was masterfully clever, heartbreaking, and funny in her perfectly timed set; if you see someone around town sporting one of her Awkward Connoisseur stegosaurus t-shirts, we hope you’ll offer an awkward-as-you-like high-five. The night closed with a full-to-the-brim slam, featuring eight hungry poets looking for the big ten-dollar prize, a qualifying spot on the 2018 slam team, and a chance to dethrone Champion of Champions RebeccaLynn on August 9. Steamrolling over all the competition from the one-spot was Lyra, who met up with Meaghan Ford who was waiting in the eight-spot; titans clashed, and Lyra was left standing! Congrats to the first-time Cantab winner, who we hope to see back in the house for the champs slam.

Next week: we’ll feature local poet Marisa Glynn, a real firecracker! By “firecracker,” of course, we mean you’d best respect her power if you don’t want to metaphorically lose a thumb; come out and get your mind blown by this steady and sensitive thinker. For those with their own ideas to fire off, we’ll have our usual open mic to open the night and an open slam following the feature.