Cantab Recap for Wednesday, November 5, 2016

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday! This past week, crowd favorite Joshua Elbaum played to a packed house, selecting almost entirely new-to-the-stage work for a super-solid and well-received feature. Josh journeyed with us through the daily questions of love and out the other side, touching on fidelity and personal space, identity and naming, and the future, and time, and stuff. Josh’s new chapbook is called The Future Is a Compost Pile / And I Will Love You Forever and he might just have a copy left for you to buy if you ask him nicely.

The slam was a hot-to-win eight-poet match, with a small but hardy audience and some extremely exciting matchups. The final round came down to newcomer Danny Deleón and not-as-newcomer Kieran Collier; in a tight matchup, Kieran took the win, the ten bucks, and the chance at making the 2017 Boston Poetry Slam Team.

Next Wednesday: no matter what happens on Tuesday, we promise to bring you the most excellent Will Evans from Columbus, Ohio, co-founder of the Writing Wrongs poetry slam and co-curator of Black Nerd Problems. Come for the open, stay for the feature, and, sure, sign up to judge our third open poetry slam in this 8×8 series.