Cantab Recap for Wednesday, October 7, 2015

This past Wednesday: we had a killer night at the Cantab with a fabulous spotlight feature and full feature combo! The illustrious Beck Cooper from New Orleans took the stage during our open mic for a bonus set of three poems to close our her short northeast visit; she sold out of books earlier in the tour, but you can grab one through her Paypal link at her personal tumblr.

After our star-studded open mic, Jeremy Radin took the stage for a full feature. This actor, writer, and body-image warrior deconstructed his personal history for us through the foggy lenses of love, Twitter, and chocolate cake. You can get his book online from Write Bloody Publishing: check out Slow Dance with Sasquatch.

The night’s big finale was a cutthroat slam with a remarkable finish: the rarely-seen-slamming feral duo of Emily O’Neill and Cassandra de Alba faced off in the last round. Congratulations to Emily, who took the win, the ten dollars, and the coveted seventh spot in our upcoming Champion of Champions slam.

This Wednesday: IT’S KIND OF A BIG DEAL, GUYS. Corrina Bain will be in town from New York, poeming things to you as they actually are. Plus, it’ll be the very last slam in our 8×8 series before we crown a brand-new champ. See you there!