Cantab Recap for Wednesday, September 26, 2015

This past Wednesday, Nora Meiners brought a quirky, thoughtful, vellum-wrapped set to the Cantab stage, performing a few well-loved favorites and putting some polish on a few more that hadn’t seen the light of the basement since their open mic debut. What a fun journey and show! The slam was a five-poet affair that came down to newly refreshed slammer Quentin Lucas vs. an up-and-coming Jess Riz. After two round-robins, these top two poets emerged as the top scorers, with Jess defeating Quentin for the big $10.

Next week: poet, teaching artist, and birthday girl Princess Moon features, with a spotlight from yet another local badass, Claudia Wilson! The night will finish up with the fifth open slam in our current 8×8 series.